“Scope 3” emissions in NSW planning approvals

In November 2019, we wrote to all NSW Members of Parliament asking them to vote against a Bill that would prohibit attaching conditions relating to impacts occurring outside Australia (including from coal burned overseas from NSW coal mines. The Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Territorial Limits) Bill 2019 was introduced to override the decision to reject the Rocky Hill coal mine. The Bill was to be voted on on 12 November 2019 but has been referred to an Upper House committee.

Letter to NSW MPs re Scope 3 Emissions Bill, 11 November 2019

Changes to Queensland protest laws

In October 2019, we made submissions on the Summary Offences and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019, advocating that the Queensland government should do more to address climate change, rather than tighten protest laws in response to climate protestors. The Bill passed.

Submissions on the Dangerous Devices Bill, 8 October 2019

Video of our evidence to the committee

Open letter to Law Council asking it to recognise climate crisis

In the lead-up to the 20 September 2019 global climate strike, school students put out the call for adults to stand with them to demand strong action on climate change. “Lawyers for Climate Action” was formed on 7 September as a response to this call. We later changed our name to “Lawyers for Climate Justice” to recognise the importance of equitable responses to the climate crisis, and the important role for legal professionals to play, because action on climate is an issue of justice.

Open Letter to Law Council, 19 September 2019